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 As a Human we come on to the planet with several agendas - what you find is past life and current life trauma is stored in the different energetic bodies. It stores in the memory of the cells and the individual energetic bodies, depending on the aspect that the body represents. If You have ever suffered from unexplained fears, trauma, life patterns or pain. 

Your Body is a map or like a report card find out why it's important to understand  what Light Resquencing can do to help you.

How it will change your life, you will remove more than you an can imagine. Only with the Angels and Masters can you shift several lifetimes in all directions.


Questions you might want to ask yourself ....


Do You question why the circumstances just keep repeating themselves?


 Do You have Unexplained Pain?


Have you ever wondered why you feel anxious or anger when you meet someone and there is no reason for it?


Traumatic Events or Conflict from the past can retain information in the physical body along with the energetic body.


Repeat Bad dreams or Nightmares?


Your mind will remember things you cannot explain.


These symptoms below can all be resolved and more:


Depression,  a thing of the past? You have a very real possibility of releasing everything that is tied to this disease.


Irrational fears, unexplained and recurring physical pains or sensations, Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome, persistent feelings of panic, anger, guilt, depression, disturbing thoughts, feeling blocked, emotional outbursts, blocked feelings, low self-esteem, self-harm, numbness, repeating relationship problems with family, work or social contacts, repeating patterns of self sabotage, limiting habits.


Within each of us appear to reside the events of our past. On an unconscious level, we store the memories of everything that has ever happened to us. This can include the events and experiences from our current life as well as those of previous life times. As the unresolved past continues to negatively influence our thoughts, behavior in everyday life on an unconscious level, we may not understand why we feel or react as we do to certain situations or why the same unexplained symptoms or circumstances just keep repeating themselves.


Heal Your Past, Present and Future,

Receive your whole Pure Potential Now

Immediate Benefits from Release of Past Clearing

the Future and Any Contracts in this life time.

 Light Resequencing



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