Intention, Focus and Your Field



Understanding what your field is and how it effects you can be mind boggling. What you think you are and who you truly are two different things. You can work on manifesting something weather it is a relationship to prosperity or good health and for some reason it does not line up. There are several things you have to consider.


Our emotions and thoughts generate electromagnetic fields with waves that can go up to a meter inside our body. This can create dis-ease or a healthy body with longevity.


Nikola Tesla, stated that in the future people will create electric power using the power of their thoughts, this means that our thoughts can be an extremely powerful source of energy.


(This is a part of your field)

Our emotions and feelings are like mirrors. Everything we do is reflected in our environment, and in our bodies. The environment that you have created depends on your personal thoughts along with the people you choose to have in your personal space. A room of laughter and joy will bring you to a higher vibration. A bar full of depressed people drinking away to forget will bring down your vibration as well.


(This is also a part of your field)


If You are dealing with interference, like accidents, prosperity issues, relationship problems or can’t figure out why your getting sick this will be a great gift to understand how YOUR FIELD works.


Learning to Focus with Intention can be very challenging. Once this intense practice is achieved, along with a clear field, results are swift.


If Your having a problem, maybe you might consider help with an appointment to see what the issues dealing with clearing your field may be.


Here is a 15 minute video with Gregg Braden explaining how Cancer can be cured through vibration and Intention with energy.

In A “Chinese Medicine-less Hospital” demonstrating the Focus and Intention with curing cancer cells.


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