Angels & Loved Ones
Self-Development Expansion
 Spiritual Teacher - Life Coach
 Feel, Lighter with Wisdom & Connection
Know Your What Your Capable Of
Finding  Keys to Creating a Life You Love
As "A Messenger & Teacher" "the Angels, Masters and Guides"  provide essential information for you,
with understanding and compassion.  Is it your time?
If your ready, you can expect in a Reading~Consultation:
**  You will know you are heard, with Answers (from your Angels)
**  Feeling Stuck? You will get Un-Stuck
**  Understand, what your full potential is, and what you are capable of
**  Struggling Financially? 
**  We can help with removing any blocks you have from prosperity and help you understand the process
**  We will address issues with your health, and teach how to shift it if necessary
**  Angelic assistance with creating a Life or Business full of joy & prosperity
**  Address personal challenges at their core
**  We will, Explain Past Life Contracts 
**  Opening up New Beginnings (Release and Restructure of life Contracts) 
You will prosper, heal and expand through knowledge, connection and self healing. 
Results, after the consultation.
* Empowerment ~ Answers
* Spiritual Self Development
* Healing Energy through the Angels
* Spiritual Awakening and Awareness
* Spiritual Connection 
* Breakthrough Therapy ~ Removing Patterns
We All deserve to live an Extraordinary and Awakened life
with Purpose, Fulfillment, Peace and Joy.
Make A Decision for You
Expect Life Changing Angelic Assistance
Feel Spiritual Light 
Feel Healing on a Physical and Spiritual Level
 Your Life will Shift
"Let US help you with the answers, everyone needs assistance now and then with our own personal journey. Understanding and knowledge of how to work with your Angels on a larger scale will change lifes. Together we will expand awareness, create transformation in your physical, emotional and financial journey."
Crystal Lynne
100% success rate
"Create your wave of miracles"

Aura Picture - Before and After the Healing
Aura Picture - Before and After the Healing
Before and After 
The color around this client is referred to as an aura photo.
The colors reflect the energy around  a person, you can see the aura is very off balance.
She was in pain due to her broken hip. This client was brought to Crystal through a referral, Crystal worked on her with Angelic energy for 15 minutes.
Results: No Pain and Restored Balance
To See, Hear and Feel the human energetic field allows Crystal to get into the emotional
roots of dis-ease.
Allow for healing on multi-dimensional  levels.

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