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 Universal Law & Education for Your Next Step

 As "A Messenger & Teacher" we continue to provide essential information for you,
Change is the result.
If your ready to shift here is what you can expect. 
 In Your Reading~Consultation:
**  You will have Answers  (from your Angels & Guides)
**  Information,  Creating Big Beautiful Changes
**  How to Shift into the Highest Version of who You are 
**  Financially, Expanding Your Abundance
**  Addressing Health Challenges at the Core
**  Assistance with Crossroads ~ Life or Business Decisions
**  Opportunities of Growth, Personal Challenges hidden programming.. The "Detective" 
**  Understanding Past Life Contracts 
**  New Beginnings (Release and Restructure of Life Contracts)
**  Dealing with Crisis, there are answers for everything & hope 
**  Coping Skills  and Tools for Success
* Empowerment ~ Answers
* Spiritual Self Development
* Healing Energy ~ High Frequency Energy Shift
* Spiritual Awakening with Awareness
* Clarity ~ Peace
100% success rate
"Create your wave of miracles"

Aura Picture - Before and After the Healing
Aura Picture - Before and After the Healing
Before and After 
To See, Hear and Feel the human energetic field allows, us to get into the emotional
roots of dis-ease.
Results; healing on multi-dimensional levels, also known as Quantum Physics. 

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 ∼Crystal Lynne∼
 Angel Communicator
  N.L.P Practitioner 
 Spiritual Intuitive & Channel
  Teacher & Life Coach


 Published Author of
 "A Miracle in Your Hand"
 "Simple Messages from the
 Angels & Ascended Masters"
 International Entreprenuer 
Life Strategist &
Business Counselor
Crystal Healing Therapist
Angelic Transcendence Specialist 
NLP Practitioner