You Can Change Anything with Your Angels

Mt Shasta
Mt Shasta
"A Greater Purpose"
When your in the process of activating your highest purpose changes need to happen. It is so important for each and everyone of us to step into our deepest calling.
It is shifting the planet for the future now. 

"We" the Angels, will provide answers of understanding.
**  A Loved one who have crossed over
**  Understanding to  blocks from prosperity
**  Issues with health and how to shift this challenge
**  Business Prosperity
**  Personal Challenges from Within
**  Deep Personal Questions
 "We" the Angels and I are bridge of  information, with integrity your Angels and the Ascended Masters, provide information a with clear connection to the Next Step. We teach how to trust yourself and your crew of Angels.
"When you work with the Angels, you will learn to trust your intuitive guidance they will become your friends. You will prosper, heal & expand through knowledge connection and self healing. 
Offering, a higher path through a Deep Transformation, Understand Healing through Guidance from Your Angels,
The greatest contribution you can give to yourself your loved ones and humanity.
 The Angels help all of us heal physically, spiritually, emotionally, financially and much more.”
Creating a wave of miracles- Crystal Lynne
You can Expect Life Changing Angelic Miracles.
Life Changing Clearing
Feeling Lighter on a Physical Level as well as a Shift in Your Life.
In a consultation, You will also experience,
* Empowerment ~ Answers
* Spiritual Self Development
* Healing Energy through the Angels
* Spiritual Awakening and Awareness
* Spiritual Connection with Your Angels
* Breakthrough Blocks Therapy ~ Removing Patterns
In a Reading or consultation, you will  also find more information.
To allow yourself to live an extraordinary, Awakened life
with Purpose, Fullfillment, Peace, Joy.
Providing you with answers, to help with your expansion, understanding and your knowledge of how to work,with your Angels on a larger scale.
Together we expand and transform with awareness. Creating transformational education this will bring you into "Alignment with Personal Self Growth"
 The Information You will receive is Life Changing....Your invited to see Testimonials
100% sucess rate. Expect results.

Aura Picture - Before and After the Healing

Aura Picture - Before and After the Healing
Aura Picture - Before and After the Healing
Before and After.  This is a part of the ~ Monadic Light Resequencing
Crystal Says "I am always amazed at the way Angels bring me situations"
Her Client was no longer in pain.
The color around her is reffered to as an aura picture.
The colors reflect the enegy around her. You can see the Aura is very off balance.
She was in alot of pain due to her broken hip.
This picture was taken without Crystals knowledge.
To See, Hear and Feel the human eneregetic field allows Crystal to get into the emotional
roots of dis-ease.
Allow for healing on multi dimensional  levels.

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