New Moons and Full Moons

Help with Manifesting on Steroids.

The Angels are the guides and I find it amazing how perfect the timing is for the Monadic Light Resequencing healing as well.

New Moons and Full Moons allow us to reset.....


Creating New Beginnings & Manifesting

What goals do you have? What commitments have you made to yourself? What healing have you done?
How can we work more efficiently and effectively? How can we take life to the next level?

You might notice this New Moon is creating a stir inside.

There may be feelings of the need to work at a faster pace, feeling restless, the need to make difficult decisions, change, feeling pressured related to deadline and intensified emotions.
Make sure your taking good care of yourself. Stay in a positive space.

As we enter this new lunar cycle, we are here to help you manage the challenges you’re facing and help you manifesting more of what you want.


We welcome you to the Changes you are creating!


 ∼Crystal Lynne∼
 Angel Communicator
  N.L.P Practitioner 
 Spiritual Intuitive & Channel
  Teacher & Life Coach


 Published Author of
 "A Miracle in Your Hand"
 "Simple Messages from the
 Angels & Ascended Masters"
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Business Counselor
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