Clearing Crystals with Sunshine and Moonlight

Sunshine and Moonlight

The natural energies transmitted by the Sun and Moon can also energize your crystals with natural energies.  Many people like to leave their newly cleansed stones under Moonlight and Sunlight for a day or two to allow them to absorb the different energies from the Moon and Sun.  The Sun provides a stronger energy, whereas the Moon has a more gentle energy.  

When leaving crystals in Sunlight, please be aware  stones may fade over a period of time if left in strong sunlight too often. This can happen with Amethyst. In this case, try not to leave your crystals in strong sun for more than a15 minutes to an hour or so. 

To be on the safe side, place in sunlight during sunrise and/or sunset because the sun's rays won't be as strong during these times of the day. 

There are many ways of clearing crystals however this is one way of maintaining a happy crystal! Trust me when I say I have heard them.


Yes you can feel the difference, and then there is also see salt a small dish with salt in the window and just put the crystals in the dish and allow them to cleanse. 


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