Creating Your Own Business, You Will Need These Tools

To start an online business, you must consider a few fundamental requirements. Let’s go through them one by one.


I am sharing this because I have had several people that I considered friends that knew this information, did not say a word because they did not want me to go forward.

Sad to let such a low vibration with ego driven energy in. 

My Crew said not so much. They have slammed all the doors open and I am here to say after allot of healing that I am very grateful for the transparency now.

So here I am creating an opportunity for anyone who would like to create their own online business without having extreme costs.


This can save you thousands the information here is just to create an online business with the links to get you started I hope helps you. Let me know what your thoughts are go to creating a beautiful conscious community.


Here are six types of online businesses to consider:

  1. Affiliate Marketing: Promote other business's products and services online and receive a commission for each sale you make with this passive income idea. 
  2. (There are links (highlighted in blue) and every one of these links will ask for an email I believe. Also the Affiliate is a 7 dollar 2 week course available valued over   $ 3,000. will be and amazing surprise) 
  3. Freelancing: Provide a service to other individuals and businesses using a skill that you have, such as advertising, writing, designing, or programming.
  4. Coaching and Consulting: Become a coach or a consultant and sell your expertise, advice, and guidance. (This is especially good for those in the healing industry. (if you would like to set up an appointment I will share with you an outline after we explore everything about were you are going in your business)

       A Conscious Business Consultation you will:

    - Learn tangible methods to not just do business, but to do Conscious Business

  5. Information Products: Package and sell your expertise in eBook's, worksheets, templates, and online courses. The Blue Link is like opening an office of products you need for your business or businesses. From design to websites to social marketing. You will need all of this with out paying a company like I did. (Including this website) 
  6. Software as a Service (SaaS): Create a piece of software or application, and charge users a recurring subscription fee. For example Google is a Saas offering solution to help their consumers. Zoom as well or Dropbox these are all very well know products. This would also go back to the Freelancing number 2 how that would be marketed for the consumer.
  7. Ecommerce:
  8. An automated affiliate website is a self-hosted WordPress website and in order to build one, you need a domain name and hosting for that domain. The domain name you choose shouldn’t be more than 21 letters and should be related to the niche of the website.

    There are lots of hosting companies you can purchase hosting from, but I recommend Bluehost (Link below) because it is affordable, effective, and easy for beginners to work with.

    You can get a free domain name for one year and hosting for only $2.95 a 

    Use a service like Shopify to set up a website and sell physical products online. We should also include Bluehost for Web design along with Ecommerce. Of which there is a link right below this article for connivence sake.