First Testimionals for Past Life Healing

Hi Crystal: hope you are doing great. I had an immediate shift as I was experience intense back pain and after we finish the session the pain was almost gone. I also notice difference on my connection to the angels. I was feeling lost as I move from Cali to Minneapolis and the energies here are very different. I am looking forward to the new two classes as I know will continue to make a difference for me. Blessings to you. Karen 


Hello Crystal, Thank you so much for the beautiful healing Wednesday.  I have signed up on the Facebook page for next week.  I am assuming you will send an email with a paypal link?  Also, I want to tell people about it - could someone that was not present last week participate in next week's session? Thank You again, Renee 


(Yes anyone can join in at any level this is completely Angelically Guided =)




Hi Crystal, I wanted to let you know I had a pain in my hip for years now and after the healing it was gone! My depression is also so much less. Thank you and your crew. I can’t wait to share this with my friends. Blessings C…


Hi Crystal, Since we started these healing sessions before you made it public I want you to know it has changed my life. I am really connected. With my Crew, my Life, My gifts have opened up. I feel like I am really living my fullest potential and things just keep getting better! It has been what I was waiting for.

Thank You Crystal and Crew, Blessings, K…


Crystal, I just want you to know the shift was almost immediate. I am already receiving abundance and things have already shifted! I Look forward to the next sessions as you explained they are layers of lifetimes.  Thank you Crystal and your Crew! N….


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