Healing Crystals

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Universal Understanding is just the beginning of...

how Crystal Healing Works. 

Working With Healing Crystals

I personally like to sleep with crystals depending on what I am working on. I will list a few techniques here.


Lie down and place "a crystal" on each of the power points of your body.

If a crystal rolls to a different position three times, leave it where it is.

It is likely the body is moving it where it needs to be.


You will find that some of the crystals will feel very heavy, like they are sinking into your skin, others will be so light that you aren't sure they are still there, others may feel very cold, while others extremely warm or even electric.


You may also feel like you are floating or receive inner visions of color or patterns.


Each individual is different. Leave the stones in place for at least three or four minutes. The body will find its own balance.


When using any one of the crystal healing techniques, always trust your intuition as far as which gemstones to use whether you are attracted to them because of shape, size, color, etc.


Also you want to clear your crystals either with full moon light or sea salt in a bowl and leave them there for a day or two.


Keep checking back because we will be adding more information weekly. 


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