Simple Messages from the Angels and Ascended Masters

A Miracle in Your Hand

      It is said "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." I agree don't you? This book is designed to take you into a different approach. The Meat and Potatoes of releasing old habits from addictions of any sort, to creating a healthier way of living.

      To make better choices you have to shift your thought process heal the pain inside and get a better understanding of new options for you now. Healing and working with the Angelic realms you have a better chance of changing everything in your life.

You have a Miracle in Your Hand.

Share this little book that carries a very large impact with anyone you know struggling.


Create a wave of changes for yourself and those closest to you. You are guaranteed more joy, more love, more purpose and satisfaction.

Creating a beautifully orchestrated journey in your human experience.



 ∼Crystal Lynne∼
 Angel Communicator
  N.L.P Practitioner 
 Spiritual Intuitive & Channel
  Teacher & Life Coach


 Published Author of
 "A Miracle in Your Hand"
 "Simple Messages from the
 Angels & Ascended Masters"
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Business Counselor
Crystal Healing Therapist
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