Three WWW's Angels Know



 When We Watch the thoughts you allow in your mind, continue to notice your thinking and align with your thoughts.

     Understand your thoughts have brought to where you are today, acknowledge where you are, and reach for something a little bit better.

     Now I want you to line up a new way of thinking.  “Start where you are affirmations.”

     When Your working with the Angels, they are constantly responding to your thought process this is where the real changes begin. 


From the Angels



Greetings Beloved,

We are grateful for this moment with you with the purpose of encouragement, lately many of you have been suffering from what we call growing pains. So man questions going to your minds... your experience on the earth is supposed to be joyful and you have signed up to be here in the first place.

You are in a privileged position for we also would like to join you. We are in service to you as well and from our view point many are so shut down and yet this is a part of your  journey as well. Remember  We are your friends and there is only High Energy or Frequency and Low Energy  or Frequency, some of you are not having the fun however we expect a very large awakening or remembering for you.

Remember the highest frequency's are love and joy if your having a hard time with that then, perhaps you might consider looking at your view point of things. You see if your in your higher frequency you will find that everything you have brought into your existence is with a purpose of learning and healing. 

We want You to prosper in your joy and your life experience. Look within for all the secrets of you are there.

Just need to learn how to work with your higher self. You see there is No Bad Experience there is simply Experience. 


All Our Love Always,


From Crystal~ When this transmission began I was seeing an ocean of Angels it Looked like Jesus was in front this beautiful golden light. I asked for the message and then we had a nice visit like old friends. I do this every morning.

Then I received my instructions for the day.

Angelic Blessings to You

Crystal Lynne 




     LIKE attracts LIKE,


     As a whole new crowd of spiritual souls begin to shine brightly in your life…We will be inspiring & engaging you to go for it and live your dreams.  You will also find, new friends that stay in your life, the ones that LOVE you for YOU, your Soul Essence… We couldn’t be more  happy for you, to empower your passion & JOY-FULL approach to life.

If you too dare to dream, dare to embrace the power of imagination and dare to embrace a higher wisdom through your heart, then we invite you to join us.


You can fulfill every aspect of who you are, peace joy love, your angelic connection and prosperity. Allowing yourself to embrace life as the gift it is meant to be.

WE see the light in you, Blessings

Crystal and Crew


 ∼Crystal Lynne∼
 Angel Communicator
  N.L.P Practitioner 
 Spiritual Intuitive & Channel
  Teacher & Life Coach


 Published Author of
 "A Miracle in Your Hand"
 "Simple Messages from the
 Angels & Ascended Masters"
 International Entreprenuer 
Life Strategist &
Business Counselor
Crystal Healing Therapist
Angelic Transcendence Specialist 
NLP Practitioner