Spiritual Angelic Expansion Experience


 Keys to Your Expansion ~ Playing with the Angels ~ Understanding Life Contracts


The Magic the Angels and Masters bring with their playful personalities,

The Healing you will receive with knowledge and connection. There is nothing you can compare it to.


From Understanding the life  (Life Contracts) your leading right now, to the moment your understanding takes on a whole new way, of what this Universe can bring you will be an amazing surprise.

True Expansion comes from "Living a Life you Love" and the Angels say "We will always bring you more".... "We" will be bringing forth information to deliver keys that have not been released yet. Keys that will shift everything into a joyful, peaceful and blessed life. A reunion of old souls coming together with the purpose of spiritual expansion, personal growth, Love and Laughter.

This will allow you to get into the Best Version of Yourself up and running the way you know it should, mixed with pleasure. 



Your Spiritual Journey will include:


  • Peaceful Meditation & Evening open forum expansive discussions (Angelic Communications)
  • Life Contract work that has not been released yet
  • Understanding of Past, Present and Future  (We will be looking at past life contracts) Learning how it is effecting you now plus something new.
  • New information on Expanding Your Authentic Self  (What your capable of and how to examine your-self on a spiritual level) 
  • Healing and Release (Reconstruction of contracts with the purpose of Manifestation)
  • New information on Crystals & Activation
  • Sleeping with Crystals
  • Crystal Bowl Healing



Your Human Experience 


  • White water rafting on the Rogue River (Adventure) 
  • Healing and Expansion Mt Shasta (Third Eye Opening)
  • Crystal Hunting & Hiking & Working with Crystals 


It has been my experience with the Angels to have a full human experience on the Spiritual and Human realms.

The Angels create the agenda, I am merely the messenger.

When bring our spiritual family together it is always More Blessings than You can count!


This Expanding Retreat Begins

July 21rst 3pm     Ending July 24th at 2pm in Mt Shasta


If your called and your soul screams (I Want to Play with my spiritual family!) and your guidance says YES!!!

Your in for a beautiful experience. Some of the masters that will join us.


Greek God Hermes (New Keys Unlocked)




Lord Lanto (the Golden Ray)



to name a few.....


There is much more, you will see This Retreat will be delicious and rewarding.


Your Investment 444.00


More Fun, More Freedom to be You, More Spiritual Growth




Retreat Registration

Expansion Retreat 2017





New Beginnings with Understanding just what it means to be Connected

Explore Who You Really Are ~ Keys to Your Awakening 



Student ~ Teacher Program Indivdiual Personal Program

“Keys to Universal Wisdom” 


     What if the one area of your life you struggle with the most---whether it's your finances, your relationships, your health, or your career---can shift?


     There are Keys that the Ascended St Gemain shared with Crystal Lynne:  Quote “There is nothing you can’t have in this universe. Just understand the process. We are now in a 5th dimensional program and our 3D bodies are in the process of transformation. As we step into the new oneness consciousness, we can benefit from the tools that we have already gathered and grow with the 5 keys that create a deliberate process of progression.” If you are in business for yourself, starting a new spiritual path, or simply expanding you’re awareness, these 5 steps will bring simplicity to your personal intentions opening a gateway of magical experiences. Break down any barriers that might have been in the way of creating your “Dream Life.”


    This workshop is an informative and fun way of understanding the process of how ascended masters work with us.    There is nothing more beautiful than understanding 5 Keys that empower you!        


  • Learn a Deliberate process of Healing, Creating and Receiving
  • What the Angels and Masters have to say to You 
  • How to Grow your personal desires with results
  • Learn Energy Healing Work
  • Making the biggest difference in this earthly experience for yourslef and others

                                            Transform Your Life Now.....

                         6 Weeks 777.00


This is extensive internal work with Energy, Angels & Masters

Are you ready for your calling?




Life Changing..... My Commitment My Journey

 ∼Crystal Lynne∼
 Angel Communicator
  N.L.P Practitioner 
 Spiritual Intuitive & Channel
  Teacher & Life Coach


 Published Author of
 "A Miracle in Your Hand"
 "Simple Messages from the
 Angels & Ascended Masters"
 International Entreprenuer 
Life Strategist &
Business Counselor
Crystal Healing Therapist
Angelic Transcendence Specialist 
NLP Practitioner