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You are aware of your child when you are open to your child. You know exactly what his/her needs are, for there is immediate understanding of his/her way of communicating. Of his movements and so on.

In other words, projecting any “personal issues” stops. We can even say this openness is love.




                        Every parent knows that great parent-child communication is the key to a healthy & happy family. But there's so much more to communication than just 'talking' with your kids. Our Children today are so sensitive to all that we put out on an......Energetic Level.


One very important thing to keep in mind when communicating with your children is the energy that you're emanating during the communication. You know when you meet someone and they get that fake smile and say "It's soooo nice to meet you!" with this excessive amount of enthusiasm - but the vibe or energy you are really getting from them is completely opposite of their words.... This is what we are talking about! And it is especially important that you maintain consistent and positive energy when you're around your kids.


Energy types beget energy types, and we already know this. So, if we send out negative messages to our children through our energy and its various communication paths, we are going to receive the same sort of energy back.


Energy can drastically affect your child's behavior, temperament and how they see the world and people in it. It's an eye-opener just think about it... Have you ever been around someone that you felt safe with? You just felt very comfortable in their presence? You could immediately sense that this person was a person of integrity someone you could trust - they were probably very warm and genuine. That's because their calm and positive energy was "speaking" to you.


Energy travels through all the various ways we communicate. These include how we speak to our children (tone of voice) and what we say, our facial expressions, our body language and our eye gaze, as a few examples. Thus we can think of our different modes of verbal and non-verbal communication as the vessels our energy travels through.


Essentially, the energy that we put out to our children is going to be the same sort of energy that we get back from them. So if you feel calm and happy, those feelings will travel with your words and actions, and they're visible to your kids. If you're tired and angry, your kids can sense that too and it will really affect their behavior towards you and the situation.


This is where you ask yourself, if I look at my children completely emotionally removed what type of Energy are they reflecting? Is it a peaceful, joyful and grounded, free to say and explain anything they are feeling? Is it angry hyper active,ungrounded,frustrated and argumentive?


This is only one small part of what our children need to deal with on a daily basis. Not to mention how challenging everyday things that we as Parents need to deal with also.


Our Children are dealing with multi levels of negative energy from others in classrooms to public areas where there are so many people that have no clue to what is really going on.


We are here to help with tools of understanding giving you an opportunity to change your child’s future along with education from a different point of view.


We at Would like to encourage you in your education of helping all the Children. They are ahead of their time and have a hard time negotiating through the everyday mundane.


We also offer personal retreats working on a very personal level, if this is something your interested in please contact us.


  Learn how to help your Child.

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